Fitness Through the Internet: Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Personal Training

benefits of online personal training

In today’s modern age, everything is becoming one click away. Not only shopping or movie-watching can be done online but even personal training. The increase of health and fitness applications as well as personal training online programs have been dominating since at least 2014.

As convenient as it may sound, there are actually a lot of  people who are skeptical when it comes to online personal training. Concerns regarding being able to monitor the health, diet and safety of the personal training clients have been raised. And like face to face personal training, online personal training also has its share of benefits as well as drawbacks.

The Advantages

  • Affordability

One of the biggest factors contributing to the preference of online personal training is its affordability. Online personal training is not free; however, it costs much less than hiring a face-to-face personal trainer. This is one of the main reasons as to why more people are turning to this fitness option.

  • Schedule

Another advantage of online personal training is the flexibility of time. For those people who do not have enough free time to make a trip to the gym, online personal training seems to be the best choice since the schedule is more flexible.

  • Online Tracking

Weight and diet can now be easily tracked online with the help of some apps. Certain apps that count calories, body fat percentage, etc. are there to aid in personal training.

  • Communication

Since the personal training is done online, communication between the trainer and the client will definitely be more compared to face-to-face trainers. However, clients of online personal training may be need to be more detailed with their questions.

safety of online fitness

The Disadvantages

  • Safety

Perhaps the biggest concern of online personal training is in the aspect of safety. Because there is no physical contact, it is more difficult to ensure that the personal training client is doing the exercises properly. Online personal training may be more at risk of injuries. With the injuries, the one who is held liable is also questionable.

  • Motivation

With online personal training, self-motivation needs to be doubled. Since there is no one there to personally be with the clients as they do their exercises, they will have to motivate themselves to continue even when no one is looking.

  • Expertise

It seems that online personal training works better for those who are not beginners in the fitness community. Online personal training may be a good choice for those who have had much experience in doing fitness training as they may be able to ensure safety compared to those who are complete beginners.

The Conclusion

At the end of the day, both online and face to face personal training has positive and negative points. It all depends on the client, themselves. If you lean more towards the online world of fitness because of certain circumstances, then you may give online personal training programs a try. However, if you prefer otherwise, there are many reliable Wellingborough fitness trainers around.